Part time parent.

Sometimes I get upset that my ex gets to be the ‘part time parent’. It’s frustrating not always having the support you need to raise a tiny human. School is challenging. We are growing together. Don’t get me wrong, I love my son with my entire life but it’s hard! He gets to sit back and be the ‘fun’ one and I get to bust my ass daily. Most days I feel defeated with it all.

I don’t remember signing up for this but someone where along the line I realized it would just be us. I have a partner and he’s a big help but he isn’t my son’s father. My son has a father, someone who should not have a ‘part time’ role in his life.

But then I remember that I didn’t sign up to be a ‘part time’ parent. I’m not a ‘part time’ anything. I’m a ‘full time’ everything. Always have and always will be. I may be exhausted but I’m a better person for it. I always go above and beyond for my son because that’s what loving, caring parents do. It’s what my parents did.

This may sound like a rant and maybe it is. Children don’t deserve part time anything. They deserve it all. Despite the circumstances I’m glad I’m able to say, I’m a full time mom.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, being part time will only get you so far. One day my tiny human will grow up & he’ll realize all on his own who does what.. that is my greatest fear. That I will not be able to protect him from the sting of disappointment.

Here’s to all the full time parents out there, perhaps we have to give ourselves more credit!