Bucket list

Don’t be afraid to do all of the things you’ve always wanted to do.

So here’s my bucket list… the shorter version anyway, but a list I hope to be to cross off goals from soon. These are ultimately my top goals at the moment..

  1. Conquer my worst fears. Ophiophobia, the abnormal fear of snakes. I have been afraid of snakes ever since I can remember. Honestly afraid isn’t probably the best word, TERRIFIED is more like it. My other extreme fear is acrophobia, extreme fear of heights. 
  2. Volunteer at a children’s hospital. I remember when my son was in the NICU and how I felt. I would love to volunteer my time to children and their families who are in the hospital. I have always felt it is so important to give back your time. 
  3. Volunteer with Anthony at a soup kitchen or a shelter. I want to teach him the importance of giving back and meeting/connecting with strangers. 
  4. Ride a zip line! This would be like doing two things at once, conquering my fear of heights and doing something adventurous! I live my life more on the safe side.. in case you couldn’t tell…
  5. Jump off a cliff! To be 100% honest, not sure it’s something I will EVER do.. 
  6. Travel to different countries and learn about their culture. 
  7. Swim with dolphins while scuba diving in the ocean
  8. Horseback ride on the beach..
  9. Continue to write and publish posts on my OCD and other topics I feel are grossly under discussed 
  10. Work on a pottery wheel and create something, anything.

I just want to be “present” in my life, to stop and smell the roses and not be afraid to do all of these things and more. What are some of your top goals, stuff from your bucket list? Feel free to share below…