Falsies – Everything you need to know


Sooo, I was recently gifted falsies for the blog from a friend, Marlen @ ArtLashMiami.

Here’s been my experience thus far…

I did a poll on my IG in order to answer some of your questions regarding falsies. You guys wanted to know the below:

  • How they are applied?
  • Can you feel them?
  • Proper care?
  • Do they weigh?
  • Can you do a full face of makeup with them?

This is what I have been able to concur. They are applied with an adhesive or glue that helps them stay in place, they are placed between your own lashes for a natural look and feel. I don’t feel them but then again I am used to wearing false lashes. I usually wear the strip kind and find that these are much comfier. Proper care includes not washing your eyes for two days or getting them wet, wash around the eye. Brush them daily and use water based cleansers only.

Make sure you don’t wear mascara or tug on them. I did a full face of makeup with them and it didn’t change a thing. [I forgot to take a pic of my full face but will definitely do another and post it] I also sleep on my tummy so this was a challenge for me at first. No issues there, either.


I think it’s important to go to a good lash tech who is clean and will properly educate you on them. They aren’t for everyone. They do require a bit of upkeep but I don’t mind because they really frame your face. I love the fact that I can skip mascara. Or that I can just wear tinted moisturizer and go!

But, be honest with yourself, if you’re not into the upkeep then maybe they aren’t for you.

I did a full face of makeup and it was amazing! No lashes, no glue, no mascara! Hallelujah! Here is a picture two weeks after getting them and I have to say, they look and feel great. I did the classic set but there are so many options to choose from.

I also want to mention that I went to the pool over Mother’s Day weekend and my lashes didn’t fall out, I was so happy about that!

If you’re local and interested in getting lashes, check out @artlashmiami! Marlen is great, she’s super sweet, very professional and makes you feel at home. She also sends you home with care instructions so you can take care of your lashes!

I hope you guys liked this blog post, let me know what else you want to see on the blog.



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