Updated skincare routine!

As promised, here is my updated skincare routine for you guys. These are some amazing products that I have been loving lately ♥

Lavelier skincare – I was gifted a set of their marine skincare to try and let me tell you, my skin looks and feels amazing. It is super hydrating, the moisturizer is like a soufflé and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. I don’t really wear primer and this stuff helps your makeup stay put. For me great skincare is always worth the splurge, it’s worth it because it works so well! It is the base for any good makeup application. Use my discount code: JAS15 to save 15% on your purchase.

I recommend reading the ingredients, all of which are amazing and choosing a line that works best with your skin type. I.e. combo, oily, dry. Everything is infused with seaweed which has so many different benefits.

I have been using a jade roller for a bit now (also gifted) and I am obsessed with the results. Tip: if you put it in the cold (aka the fridge), it the helps with puffiness. I put a bit of the Lavelier serum on my face and then just roll it out with the roller. It works wonders and is another form of deep hydration, especially great for bedtime. The next morning, your skin feels soft and supple and smooth.


Eye cream is something I am always changing up and I have been using this one from farmacy that I really like, it’s not expensive and doesn’t irritate my eyes. My eyes are very sensitive so this is important to me.

Hydration is key and I don’t understand why no one seems to mention this, the days I don’t hydrate well; my skin is not happy. I recently purchased a big water bottle, one that stays cold and let me tell you, the difference is huge. There is no skin care routine that can compensate for lack of hydration so make sure that you properly hydrate yourself.

This is the Simple modern bottle I purchased, but if you hate water try adding fruit to it such as strawberries, cucumbers, mint, pineapple to change the flavor. Having a big water bottle that stays cool will help to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Adding fruit will give you flavor if you need it.


Have you tried any new skincare products recently? Let me know in the comments below.




8 thoughts on “Updated skincare routine!

  1. Love it! Thanks to you my skincare routine has gotten so much better! I not only hydrate, use creams but also that sage roller… it’s sssooo good 😍

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    • Love your skincare routine! Easy & straight to the point lol. I haven’t tried anything new with my skin care routine but I’m definitely interested in trying the jade roller! I’ve heard so many great things!

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      • Honestly it’s great Cin! For $8 you can’t beat it and it has so many benefits. In other cultures, Jade is a sacred stone. It’s really interesting. I love the way it makes my skin feel.


    • I’m so glad to hear this my love! Skincare is the base for any good makeup application and just overall makes you feel more confident in your own skin!


  2. Skincare should be a priority on every girls daily regimen keep killing it girl thinking of getting the micro needle roller I heard it’s good too but I’m wondering if it’s going to be too abrasive hmm … love this post #estheticianprobs 💜

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    • I thought the same thing! I am not sure that I could use it without breaking out, I have to research it a bit more!


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