Thrifting 101 – how to score MAJOR on your thrift finds!

It’s no secret that I love thrifting!! I always get so happy when I find a steal in a thrift store. I have created a fool proof way to thrift as long as you follow these simple rules. Remember, it’s a hit or miss. Sometimes you’ll find amazing pieces, other times, you won’t. It’s all a part of the magic!


These are the rules I tend to follow and they never fail me.

Rules to follow:

  1. Have an open mind – you never know what you might find!! Seriously some of my friends have found the cutest, coolest vintage pieces and have stepped out of their comfort zones entirely. Be open to a new style, you’d be surprised how fun it is to change it up!
  2. Try everything on! Once you buy it, it’s yours. No matter how cheap, I learned this the hard way. Make sure you love it & that it is in good condition!! No stains, holes or excessive wear.
  3. Have patience and search, great things take time but I promise they are worth the find! Depending on the location and day, be prepared to be there for a while.
  4. Search by category, it makes it easier if you’re trying to find something specific.
  5. Search Pinterest for inspo outfit looks.. this way you can decide if the item is really worth it’s price tag. I follow a blogger, @juliamarieb and she has a rule of 5! She only buys things she can style 5 different ways, this way it makes sense to add it to your closet and not waste money on unnecessary pieces.
  6. Wash everything well and add fabric softener to make it smell good « okay so that’s a given but still! Make sure the item makes sense to purchase, look at the care on the tag. No one likes ‘dry clean only’ or items that are hand wash.. word to the wise.

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips and found them useful! It’s all about having fun and finding unique pieces at an amazing bargain.




8 thoughts on “Thrifting 101 – how to score MAJOR on your thrift finds!

  1. What great info! You have showed us a great way to shop! I find many people forget the little things when thrift shopping This is a must read for anyone who needs the best tips on how to shop properly 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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