Purging a bad ‘business’ relationship

Ok guys, you know how I like to keep it light here because, well, life is messy but I have to be honest. I FIRED MY BOSS!

I did fire my boss in that I resigned and took another opportunity but the truth is, I’ve never been so unhappy in my workplace before. Imagine working for a tyrant. Someone who gives you little to no communication and then somehow blames you when things go awry.

I got this job 6 months ago as an IT/executive assistant (I won’t say where to protect the company and it’s owner). I was excited about the opportunity and thought it would be great with my son now going into first grade. It only lasted for six months. Envision working for a man who had poor communication skills, was disrespectful to woman and just downright rude. It was like being in a bad relationship all over again. I knew I couldn’t stay but didn’t see how I could get out.

Been there, done that. I thought maybe it was that our personalities clashed or that maybe I was reading into things too much. Even after I tried to make it work, I realized, it wasn’t me at all.

Sometimes it can be hard to leave a toxic relationship because you’re afraid. I confirmed this when I resigned a few days ago and received not a single response, like what?? This can’t actually be happening! I have never resigned for an employer and had them NOT acknowledge my resignation. Still, I couldn’t believe it!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, always be true to yourself. If something doesn’t feel right, then speak up! Fix it!

Here are some things to be aware of:

  1. Trust your gut & intuition – if something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. As women we have this special instinct that’s built in, trust it.
  2. Respect should be a given always, if they don’t respect you, the relationship will never work. Understanding this is very important
  3. Don’t let the “business” part of the relationship make you feel trapped. Find a way to sever ties in the most amicable manner.
  4. Speak up for yourself!
  5. Don’t be scared to end it, if it isn’t working out.

Business relationships are like all relationships, you can want out of them for valid reasons.

I hope this post helped you come to terms with a job or a boss whom you are unhappy with. I hope you find that dream place and the courage to leave when the time is right.


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