Date night ideas!

I love a good date night, just as much as any girl, BUT, the truth is that they can sometimes be expensive or NOT happen at all. Let’s face it, those of us with kids or even those who don’t have, sometimes don’t have the time for a date night.

I thought I’d share some of my tips for date night, in or out that you can use to change things up a bit and have fun while doing so!

First and foremost, be creative and make it cheeky!!! That is the key ingredient in any date night. If you’re having fun, that’s all that matters.

  • Netflix and Chill – BUT, no cell phones. Order Thai (one of my faves), wear cozy socks and make a cute little fort in your living room. Wine is always a plus. Back when Chris and I lived in a tiny apartment that had rug, we would order food and sit down on the rug, Indian style and watch a movie. It was/is our happy place! Makes for the perfect cozy date night in!
  • Plan a picnic – I actually have a picnic basket and it’s super cute. Pack some snacks like nuts, fruits, sandwiches and head to the beach or a park. I promise that you will have a great time with babe just enjoying nature and each other. This would be also super cute to do with kids! They really love it! I’ve linked one similar here.
  • Try a new recipe – I have cookbooks but nowadays you can easily find a recipe from Google or Pinterest, buy the ingredients and cook it together. It’ll a fun thing to try with babe, you’ll have made it together and get to enjoy the end result!
  • Game Night – okay seriously, I love game night! I just did this with my BFF and our kids and we had so much fun on a Saturday night! Make it a sexy game for adults so you can up the antes. A little bit of games, a little bit of sexy time – everyone wins! I found some cute games here and this is also another good option.

If you guys found this helpful, let me know in the comments below!!


8 thoughts on “Date night ideas!

  1. I’ve been married to my wonderful hubby for almost 16yrs and while it was fun and easy before children it definitely got harder with 2 kids to really spend quality time together. We have managed and learned that it’s quality over quality. Even if it’s staying up late to watch adult ( not that kind of adult ) tv and catch up on shows after the kids are asleep. Or if he manages to get home early from work to go get a bite to eat before the kids get out of school. We squeeze it in. When we can It’s not alway about it being fancy and we’re ok with that.

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    • I agree! My boyfriend and I have somewhat different schedules and we make it work! It’s definitely easy to get caught up in being a mom but I’m learning to nurture all of my relationships. Sometimes some Thai and a movie is all you need to connect again! Congrats, 16 years is a long time!

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