Sugar Bear Hair review!

Hello…. so, I finally finished my Sugar Bear Hair vitamins and I have A LOT to say.

First off, they taste seriously.. I definitely wanted to eat more than the recommended number, which by-the-way is two per day. They taste like gummies, which if you take vitamins like me, you’d be happy to have them in yummy, gummy form.

They are definitely expensive. $30 per bottle which lasts a month, so if you take them daily like you should.. you’re spending $30 a month on vitamins for your hair. Does that sound like a commitment to you? It does to me. Here’s the thing, I know I can buy biotin gummies or vitamins and they will also help my hair and nails grow. I wanted to try these because they have biotin and a BUNCH of other vitamins and minerals.

I only took them for a month, religiously every single day at the exact same time. I saw no difference. Perhaps I would have seen a difference if I would have taken them, let’s say for 3 months. I just found them to be too expensive and wasn’t willing to really invest the time or money to see if they work.

Not sure that I would honestly recommend this product because of the above. If you have been using them religiously, please share your experience. I am curious to find out!

2 thoughts on “Sugar Bear Hair review!

  1. For some reason I didn’t expect for you to say otherwise. I feel like these are just advertised by famous/influencers to make people believe that their celebrity hairstylist don’t play a part in their beautiful hair. I’ve gone to dermatologist and never have I seen these in dr offices or have they ever recommend them. Technically biotin like all other multi vitamins are better absorbed as food unless you’re really deficient. Unless you have a real biotin deficiency the quantity in those vitims aren’t going to produce results.

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    • You’re absolutely right AND if you really want to take biotin, you can buy it in pill form for less money at Whole Foods! I feel like I don’t trust anything I don’t personally use.

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