Fall Home Decor..on a budget!

So, let me preface this by saying I am NOT an interior decorator by any means.. that being said, I am trying! I love decor stuff, Tj Maxx, Marshall’s, Target – you name it. I always find myself looking for stuff on a budget because let’s be honest, this stuff is expensive! It can get expensive because it all adds up.

Recently I discovered my love for Rae Dunn and now I’ll never stop! I wanted to decorate my new townhome with some fall decor and Halloween stuff .. but on a budget. I have a lot of Christmas stuff but Fall, not so much. [I still think I need more Halloween stuff so I might edit this post to include more].

A few things I used are from last year and some stuff I got this year. Decor can literally be found everywhere if you know where to look. In the pics below I have stuff from everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE – think Walmart, Goodwill, Tj Maxx, Marshalls, etc.

I also go to Pinterest for inspo and tutorials because let’s face it, Pinterest is AH-MAZING!

Above, small ‘Thankful” Frame from Dollar General – $3!! Super cute and can be used just about everywhere. Canister from Walmart, $4. Fake flowers also from Walmart mixed with the dollar store. Total about $9.

Glass circular container, Marshalls – $6. Round decor balls, Target $10. Ceramics skulls, Target $1 section – $3 each. Total $21. Bonus – Fall stuff stays up longer than Halloween. I normally buy more stuff for Fall than Halloween because of this.

Fresh flowers you can DIY or buy from Whole Foods (the best in my opinion) are always so pretty and make for a nice centerpiece. My flowers from Whole Foods usually last a bit over a week with proper care (replace water every few days, some sunlight). I highly recommend them! Above is fresh French lavender which smells nice and looks pretty too!

Bowl from Walmart, “Mainstays” – $5. Fake pears from Target, clearance $6 for an entire pack. Total $11.

Targets’ clearance section is THE BEST. I find so many good things there all the time. Same goes for TJ Maxx and Marshalls. The little votive candle holders from Rae Dunn were $5 and are super cute. I added lavender tea lights for a nice smell.

Do you LOVE to decorate? Where do you get your stuff? Send me all the tips please!





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