My top 5 subscriptions and why you NEED them

Okay so I’ve been thinking about this for a while because if you’re like me, then you love a good subscription. I’ve tried quite a few and these are my top 5.

  1. Fab Fit Fun [FFF]– this is for obvious reasons. What’s not to love about a subscription that gives you the best name brand goods for only $50?? I’ve received two boxes so far – Summer and Fall 2018 and without a doubt they were both well worth it! This subscription gives you 9-10 full size products ranging from fitness, makeup, and lifestyle. You get the option to “customize” your box at times and get access to a great community. The boxes are seasonal and the editor chooses products that you’ll love for that season. Price: $50 per season, may vary depending on additional perks. It’s literally $16/mo… what’s there to think about??? Click here to join

This season I got workout headphones, a new beauty blender, a teapot and so much more. My Vince Camuto tote alone was worth $128 – talk about chic!

2. Book of the month club [BOTM] – okay seriously.. books are expensive! Like ridiculously expensive, try walking into Barnes & Nobles without spending at least $50 – not gunna happen! This cool monthly subscription gives you access to books before they are released. They have different genres to choose from like thriller, suspense, fiction, etc. You can skip a month if you aren’t finished with the previous month’s book (happens to me all the time). I also love that this subscription is also very inexpensive and is so interesting to read reader’s reviews on previous books. Price: $15/ mo. including shipping. Click here for my referral code


3. Boxy charm – this is great because for the price, you get so much makeup! It’s highly recommended for people just starting out or people who want to try different brands/looks without taking the risk. 4-5 full size products each month.. if you don’t like something you can always give it as a gift (I do, hello.. recycle) or trade it through a FB group online [yes, it’s a REAL thing]. I will admit, sometimes the products are a miss for me but that’s because I have a vanity full of makeup and some things just don’t work for me. Price: $22/ mo. – Click here for my referral link

4. Eby – I love that this subscription helps woman in other countries fund micro businesses. It’s a way of getting cool underwear but also giving back to the community, ya know? Like we can all use some of that support. Buy an underwear and help a woman fund her business – SIGN ME UP. Price: $16/mo.

5. Target Beauty Box – ummm. hello… SUPER inexpensive with everyday products you already use and love. I LOVE that there are different versions of the box so you get to choose between hair care, or makeup, etc. Not really a monthly subbie but you can pick this up at your local Target. Price: $7 plus you get it instantly {BONUS: Instant gratification}

Honorable mentions: Owlcrate, looks adorable but a bit for the younger crowd AND it’s expensive, $30/mo.. no bueno!

Choose wisely.. if you pick up any, let me know which one you get and why you like it.


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