My Fitness Journey…

If you’re just starting this journey like me, C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!! That’s a big first step!

If you’re thinking about it, just do it. Start off small and work your way up! 

Here are my tips and tricks along with some of my fave recipes recently.. (I’ll do a more in depth post soon if you guys want, xx) follow me on Pinterest for more recipes! 

First and foremost, get a solid crew – you know people who get it and cheer you on. The ones who you can bitch too when you want to quit. People who support you! This is very important.. 

Cook & meal prep – it’s easier and honestly it will keep you from cheating/eating unhealthy. Trust me, I don’t like to cook but I have found some yummy recipes lately as a result. ALL THANKS  to Pinterest.. 

TWO WORDS: Portion Control. Read labels, get familiar with ingredients. Even if something is healthy, you can easily over eat way beyond the serving size. This is key. I struggle with this but have gotten so much better.. 

Jot it down – keep a log, on your phone or in a journal like I have. It helps to visualize your goals and helps you reflect. The scale can be disheartening at times which is why I stay away from it.. think progress, not perfection

Understand that this takes time, fad diets are the worst! Results are not immediate. This will take time AND work. Be ready to put in the work and commit. It is hard, you will fall off and then have to get back on. That is okay, it happens to everyone.

Find success in your struggle. There is always something to be grateful about, even on the days where my workouts suck – I am still glad I worked out!

Find what works for you and stick to it. Some people do Keto, others do Herbalife, vegetarian or vegan. I have found that Herbalife works for ME and MY busy lifestyle. I’ve lost more than 20 pounds but more importantly I have gained insight on what my body reacts too. I also bought a bike and I am loving the at home workouts; they are soo convenient! 

Finally, have fun! Appreciate your body for what it has done, this is not a punishment but rather a healthier way of living! Set goals and crush them! 

Try this: 

Fajita chicken bake recipe that was delishh.. love this recipe, follow me on Pinterest for more great recipes!! Here is my finished product: 

Keto Peanut butter cookies for that sweet tooth craving! 

I can’t wait to post progress pics very soon.. I would love to see your progress and hear any comments on what works for you down below.. 

Let’s get fit together!


6 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey…

  1. Congratultions on your health goals. I too can use to loose some weight but getting some medical clarity first. Since my second child I haven’t been able to loose weight. I’v been at my weight for a long time with no real change. luckily I’m clear of diabetes and have been told my thyroid is working fine but for sometime i think i have pcos but haven’t been confirmed. I saw a nutrionist and everything was going ok but quickly sidetracked. She did say my weight gain is not necessarily because of my eating it’s more of my not eating and starving my body. I’m trying to be more conscious about eating more regularly and setting realistic workout schedules that I can maintain. I’ll be following you in Instagram to get some recipe inspiration. good luck and can’t wait for your next update.


    • Yes, please get medical clearance first! Honestly it’s hard, I only have one child but trust me it is difficult managing it all and then working out – that is not an excuse. But, I did buy a bike which has helped me tremendously at home so that I don’t have to leave my house and I can still get stuff done. Honestly, see what works for you. Meal prep and cooking has helped me, packing snacks has also helped. I am eating less but more frequently which is new to me. Small changes can sometimes boost big results. Water is key! I can’t wait to see where this takes me. I plan to do an updated post very soon! Thank you for following along 🙂 Xo, Jasmine


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