Fave summer dresses at the moment!

Hi! I recently purchased some amazing summer dresses that I literally have in rotation and thought I would share them with you..

I was NEVER  a dress person until recently. Truthfully – I didn’t feel they looked good on me BUT I live in the sunshine state of Florida AND it’s hot. Like ridiculously hot so I figured why the hell not! {Side note: I’ve also lost 20 pounds since starting Herbalife and I am feeling great}

1. This dress is soo flowy and can be dressed up or down. I love that it is really breathable! Super light weight maxi and long which means I can knot it at the bottom to wear with sandals or leave it long for wedges. I got this one from a local boutique here in Miami, The Boutique. Follow them on IG @theboutique for all the cutest stuff! Only downside, it is a little see through so wear a nude color bottom. Size: M $30

 Knotted because it's super long and you can wear it with sandals  Knotted because it’s super long and you can wear it with sandals

2. I was on Amazon and decided to search “cute wrap dresses” – typical right? I feel that wrap dresses really compliment any body and I love how they look! I am “bottom heavy” so they work well for me. This one is a cute blue floral print and so soft. It is a “faux” wrap dress in that there is no actual string to tie but it still creates the same effect. Upside there are a ton of colors and it’s only $18.88!! You can shop my accessories but clicking on the pics! Size: XL (I could have chosen an L but I like it to fit a bit looser)

Deep V Neck middie dress blue floral

3. This is the same dress as the previous one but I loved it so much I NEEDED it in another color. It really is so comfy and easy to wear.. everyone has complimented me on the sunflower print! Size: XL (personal preference) $18.88 [Amazon for the win!]

Deep V Neck middie dress sunflower print

4. You guys have seen me wear this dress before.. I scored it during the Nordstrom yearly half-sale. I love that it is an actual wrap dress. It’s light and has the CUTEST sleeves. This one was a bit more but worth it in my opinion, it is a bit dressier than the others and is perfect for brunch! Size: XL (again I have a larger bust so I size up!) $40 (on sale)

I hope you guys enjoyed this and that you pick up some cute summer dresses too! Anything you have been loving for summer? Do we want makeup and skincare recommendations for summer?

6 thoughts on “Fave summer dresses at the moment!

  1. great photos mama! I love the bag. I really need to get a straw tote soon! and anything with pockets is always a winner for me! i always have something i want to store!


    • Ty love! Me too. It is such a cute, versatile bag. Pockets are soo cool in dresses lol. Pockets are great for mom life! Xo, Jasmine


  2. You look great!! I’m not a dress person either. I think the last dress I wore was my wedding dress and that was almost 16yrs ago. Even when I was younger and very girly dresses/skirts weren’t my cup of tea. Through the years i’ve tried to get into them especially for the hot/humid NY days but still gravitate towards pants. But you look great in them!!


    • Thank you Jessica! I think it is all about a dress that fits your style but also flatters you. I have to wear them, it’s too hot!! I am learning to embrace and dress up my curves. Honestly it’s totally doable. I had to try many styles before I found these. Xo, Jasmine


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