If you want something…

If you want something you have to BELIEVE that you already deserve it. No really. It sounds easy right? What if we prevent ourselves from achieving greatness. What if we think that we don’t deserve it? Then, what? What if WE are the reason why we can’t have it? 

I’ve thought long and hard about this because well I do it to MYSELF. I second guess everything. It’s rather exhausting. 

Sometimes I think I stop myself from growth, I don’t even need anyone else’s negative vibes because I’m so busy being so harsh on myself. I am learning to cut that shit out – real quick. I am learning to accept all the good things that happen to me. To accept them in grace and understand that the universe sends us what we need when the time is right. 

To accept defeat as well because we can’t win all the time. Even when I lose; I win. I gain endurance. I push. 

I want to say this happens because I am a “realist” but really it’s because I am scared I might actually deserve something; I might actually be good at something.

So here is my take on it, if you want something.. MAKE IT HAPPEN. Believe that it can happen, that it will. Our thoughts are so powerful – they can make us or break us if we allow them too.

We have to train ourselves to believe that the good that happens to us, is good and is meant for us.

With love,

PS. What are some exciting things that have happened to you thus far this year that you’ve been apprehensive about? I would love to hear them below! 

2 thoughts on “If you want something…

  1. Girl, I’m also a realist- as real as it gets. I do the same the phrase ‘too good to be true’ always floats around in my head.This was a good post ❤️


    • Ty so much babe! I know you get this as much as I do. Here’s to being an eternal realist but also being flexible enough to enjoy the good!


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