The Perfect V

When I heard that they made specific products for the “V”, I was so so happy! The “V” is one of the most sensitive areas on a woman’s body. I have bought products for years that were “specifically formulated for the V” and yet they sucked. You know – Summer’s Eve, etc.

I was lucky enough to try these products and now I am obsessed! They are so soft and especially formulated for the V. I have been using them now for a consecutive 6 weeks and I can tell you what you definitely need! These products are not made in the U.S, they are made in England and have already won so many awards – I can see why!

I love how luxurious they feel, the packaging is cute and discreet and the formula is amazing! Honestly I can’t say enough good things about this product..

First off I don’t think I have ever tried a product where the results were immediate – until now. I wax and exfoliate but can still sometimes get an occasional ingrown hair on my thighs. First night using the serum and I was able to remove a stubborn ingrown the next day. Halleujah

I love that the products have NO SCENT. I don’t need a coconut scent, I need the wash to work well. They leave you with a nice clean feeling which is amazing. The serum is nice and thick which means a little bit goes a long way – I have been using it daily and still have so much product left! The cream has a bit of shimmer which I don’t mind at all.

It is also important to know that the products are sulfate free which means there is no lather. Honestly you don’t need lather, you feel clean regardless. Ingredients are natural like elderflower, lingonberry, rose fruit oil, etc.

The products are reasonably priced; if you’d like to try them they have a great set on their website which I will link down below. It’s great because you get the essentials and it brings enough product for you to actually test it out.

My must haves were: the gentle wash, the gentle exfoliator, the serum and the beauty sheet. These do come in that kit I mentioned earlier so be sure to grab them! The beauty sheets are so big and great for your bag whenever you are on the go and need to freshen up!

If you sign up on their website they do give you a discount and send you promotions.

Below is the link so you can check it out..

PS. If you snag the products let me know, I would love to hear your experience. This post is in no way sponsored but these products were #complimentary.