MS Walk 2018

Saturday was such a tough day for me. It painstakingly reminded me of what I lost – my mother. It was as if all of the memories of my mom came flooding back.

These walks never get easier; do I enjoy participating in them? Of course I do! Do they kick my ass emotionally and physically, absolutely! I cried, I cried so much. When I saw my little brother Andy cried, the tears really started to flow.

As I thought about my mom, I explained to my son, who’s still so small why we walked. My brother and I talked to him about his grandma; I tried not to overwhelm him so that he wouldn’t get sad. When he saw me cry he said, I’m sorry – I miss grandma too and I didn’t get to meet her. My heart broke. As the walk continued, it got somewhat easier.

These walks despite how sad they can sometimes make me, they also bring a strange deja vu feeling. I always walk away feeling sad but accomplished. My mom gave so much of her time to others and helped so many people when she was alive.

I walk for my mom, who couldn’t walk due to her MS. It’s 3 miles total in the beautiful city of Coral Gables here in Miami, FL. I saw others who were visibly having a hard time and immediately counted my blessings. I could walk; I could remember and honor my mom.

I donated my time and energy to this event; helped raised money for it so that some day there will be a cure. I watched my mom battle MS for 11 years. 11 grueling years of fighting an inevitable fight.

For my family and for so many others, the fight against MS doesn’t end. I am grateful to be able to participate in this walk. To be able to contribute to this cause.

Mom, I’d like to think you were with me on Saturday. The sun has never shined brighter.

I love you.

3 thoughts on “MS Walk 2018

  1. Such strong message for everyone it doesn’t matter the battle the pain of losing a parent is always so hard to swallow ,I lost my father 4yrs ago to cancer and I miss him every day … I love these blog and I felt super content to your pain and the lost of ur mom and like you said I know she so happy and proud you walked for her next to your brother and son . Thank you for sharing something so personal and close to your heart!


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