Boy, I love you.

Boys are a mixture of love and dirt. If that sounds funny it’s because it is. No matter how hard I try to keep him clean, he always ends up dirty (happy but dirty). I’ve come to terms with it. Take it from this germaphobe – it’s a losing battle.

When I got pregnant I wanted a girl sooo bad. I’ve always identified more with girls and wasn’t sure how to react if I had a boy. I had two younger brothers when I was growing up; you can say I am a bit traumatized due to all the shit they did to me. RIP Jasmine barbie – you get the picture..

Of course the most important thing was having a healthy baby when I received news that I was pregnant and even more so after the scare I had, read -

Tony + the Nicu

Being a mom to a boy is so tough AND rewarding at the same time! You can say we are equally obsessed with each other. Boys are tough yet gentle. It’s the weirdest thing really, but so incredible amazing.

In the beginning, I was terrified. Terrified that my baby was born sick and worried about whether or not I’d bond with my baby. We didn’t have those first moments like so many families and we definitely had some catching up to do! The first time I held him was the most beautiful day of my life.

Things came to me as they often to do to new mothers and were harder AND easier than I expected. Being a new mom, dealing with the demanding schedule, a new routine and breastfeeding was tough. Bonding and loving my little guy wasn’t.

Life doesn’t always take the route we want; but it’s always the route we need. You should know that boys really do belong to their mommies and it’s the most beautiful type of love. I’d like to think the universe gave me this special boy to teach me a thing or two.

Boy do I love him.

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