Is ‘Good American’, actually good?

When I heard Khloe had a jean company that was meant for curvier babes, I was THRILLED! I was certain that I would be able to find the “perfect” pair of jeans which is a struggle for most of us, curvier or not…

I have a problem when companies don’t make larger sizes. I have an even bigger problem when companies who advertise THEY do, mislead people. I really wanted to love them. I wanted to support ‘Good American’ in hopes I found the perfect jean; I was willing to dish out the money because of it. I was so excited when I saw the campaign images with models like Denise Bidot, a plus size model. A model I follow and look up too, a latina from Puerto Rico.  Their campaign images are ALWAYS so enticing. With models showcased from all different sizes. These jeans aren’t good – and here’s why. 

I decided that when I needed a new pair of jeans or the next time I was shopping for jeans I’d check out Good American; they are sold at Nordstrom. I am more of an “instant gratification” type of person, rather than an order-online type of babe. Here are some things I found out.. 

  1. They are NOT cheap; I knew this even before I tried them on. They range from $150+. Ouch! I figured with a cute little price tag, a big pay off would come.
  2. They aren’t “plus size” friendly. I am a size 12-14 (sometimes a 10), a size I am comfortable enough to share. In “Good American” however I was a size 18-20 and THAT was pushing it.
  3. Even in those sizes, they fit weird. They don’t fit right – NOT cute. I tried multiple pairs on. Even the girl from Nordstrom agreed, they did nothing for me. Not something I’d pay +$150 for. 

Still, I was shocked. Like ummm.. what? Why on earth would I pay so much for a jean 4 sizes bigger than I normally am, to just look okay? I’m sorry but no. I work hard for my money like most of us do, so no. I won’t be buying “Good American” jeans. Instead you’ll be pleased and maybe surprised like I was that I found ah-mazing jeans for $35 from TopShop. A brand that sometimes caters to small sizes.. Moral of the story – don’t believe the hype.

Ps. I sent this article to “Good American” in hopes they address this. 

3 thoughts on “Is ‘Good American’, actually good?

  1. This is exactly what I expected from Good American jeans! People think just because the ‘Kardashian’ name is on something it’s suppose to be good but that’s far from the truth! And FYI Khloe is my FAVORITE lol but I wouldn’t buy it just because of that plus with that price tag pffff only if I had money to throw away lol!


    • I had high hopes for these jeans even IF they were super expensive. Certain things you have to spurge on but I was sad to say they did not fit well, compliment my body or my wallet!


  2. Thank you for sharing I also think Khloe is my favorite. I guess we can’t always follow the commercials or sponsored info. We have to conduct our own research or test drive to make a good purchase decision.


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