Deciem: The Abnormal Beauty Company!

 The Abnormal beauty Company: The Ordinary Foundation The Abnormal beauty Company: The Ordinary Foundation

Can I just say, wow!!! I had never heard of this company before and now I think I am totally obsessed! This blog is in NO way sponsored, I am just always looking for new affordable makeup and deals in general! I came across this cute but simple boutique at Miami Design Destrict. My first thought is how is this company with such affordable products making it here in such a luxury shopping area of Miami?

I asked the employee that and she simply said, our stuff is good! We make affordable makeup and own 10 brands at the moment that provide no bullshit skincare! I found it refreshing! No fancy packaging, simple ingredients that work well AND are affordable! I looked into the company and I can tell you I like what I saw. They are able to offer affordable prices because they use simple ingredients, they save on packaging. Cruelty free and vegan.

I only bought one product that day, I was skeptical to say the least.. BUT this stuff is good!!! It’s a hit for me; you should know I like lighter foundations and HATE the full coverage stuff. This foundation is light and feels like a tinted moisturizer. It blends well into my skin and they have a variety of colours to choose from. It stayed well on for the majority of the day as I set mine and use setting spray. A drawback is that the packaging is small and because it offers less coverage you may have to use more. But hey, who’s complaining for a foundation that costs $6.70!! I love the fact that it’s buildable but still gives you a natural look! I can’t wait to visit the store again! I recommend looking at their website if you don’t have a store near you!

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