Part time parent.

Sometimes I get upset that my ex gets to be the ‘part time parent’. It’s frustrating not always having the support you need to raise a tiny human. School is challenging. We are growing together. Don’t get me wrong, I love my son with my entire life but it’s hard! He gets to sit back and be the ‘fun’ one and I get to bust my ass daily. Most days I feel defeated with it all.

I don’t remember signing up for this but someone where along the line I realized it would just be us. I have a partner and he’s a big help but he isn’t my son’s father. My son has a father, someone who should not have a ‘part time’ role in his life.

But then I remember that I didn’t sign up to be a ‘part time’ parent. I’m not a ‘part time’ anything. I’m a ‘full time’ everything. Always have and always will be. I may be exhausted but I’m a better person for it. I always go above and beyond for my son because that’s what loving, caring parents do. It’s what my parents did.

This may sound like a rant and maybe it is. Children don’t deserve part time anything. They deserve it all. Despite the circumstances I’m glad I’m able to say, I’m a full time mom.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, being part time will only get you so far. One day my tiny human will grow up & he’ll realize all on his own who does what.. that is my greatest fear. That I will not be able to protect him from the sting of disappointment.

Here’s to all the full time parents out there, perhaps we have to give ourselves more credit!

4 thoughts on “Part time parent.

  1. Can I just say a fucking men and the full time parent full time bad ass too if you ask me and the worst is part time parents who think they are also entitled to their children’s belongings!! SELFISH


    • You’re right! Unfortunately many people don’t mature when they become parents like they should.. here’s to the bad ass moms we are! Full time and all..


  2. isnt this the truth! as a stepmom i have often struggled with the parenting roles, it is sometimes so hard to be on the same page! but yes later on in life little ones grow and realize who really put in the hours and showed them they cared..which is what matters xxx keep being you, you are doing a great job!!!


    • Thank you!! It is hard to be on the same page, even harder if the other parent isn’t willing to cooperate. It takes a village to raise a child and I don’t take that lightly! Kudos to you too, we moms have to stick together. Xo.


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