Mom shaming.

I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a while because I just CAN’T wrap my head around it. It’s just that fucked up. When did mom shaming become a THING? It’s always been around but most recently it seems like it’s the newest trend. The real question is, when did moms stop bringing over casseroles and start dishing out comments? I️ mean geez, we all judge. No one is perfect but when did moms start attacking other moms? Criticizing every.single.thing. It seems to me that no one can make a mistake nowadays without some form of crucial judgment. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. 

Last time I️ checked parenting is fucking hard. Like really hard! So many of us are just trying to make it through the day, the week, the month, the year and raise happy, healthy children. Being a mother is exhausting. If we didn’t lose our shit enough daily as it is, let’s add some nasty comments from other moms? I don’t fucking appreciate it and here’s why..
Here’s the thing, no one is allowed to point fingers because no one has their shit together entirely. I’ve seen it firsthand, let me tell you it’s not pretty. 

The next time we feel compelled to do so, we have to remember that. Let’s all cut each other some slack. You see a mom struggling at the grocery store or anywhere else, help her out! We’ve all been there, so why all of a sudden have we forgotten? Forgotten how hard it is to raise tiny humans. Forgotten that our tiny humans aren’t always the perfect angelic beings we claim they are. I really hate it when people say, “wow, she looks so good after having a baby”. I mean how is she supposed to look? Is she supposed to look how she feels, exhausted and disheveled? She just popped out a kid and people are focusing on how she looks? Priorities people, priorities. I think this is a main reason why postpartum depression is so relevant nowadays. It’s like we’ve forgotten to be kind to one another. 

I’m grateful for the support of my partner and my best friend, without them I am not sure how I’d hold up with this mom thing. I really do believe it takes a village to raise a child and it’s our responsibility to help each other out. 

Recently I’ve thought about how it took me a while to find my “groove”. My mom groove, perhaps it takes everyone different amounts of time. Instead of judging each other on parenting styles, etc. we should be focusing on how to help each other “parent”. 

At the end of the day, being a mother is the single most important job in the world. (I call it a job because it is a job BUT it’s work that I love doing.) We can never, as women, lose sight of that. 



4 thoughts on “Mom shaming.

  1. This is really true and REALLY needs to stop. It’s really not necessary at all and incredibly stupid. You made an amazing point! 👌🏼


    • I completely agree. I feel like no one likes to talk about this! It is VERY unnecessary and it hurts my heart that instead of helping each other, we hurt each other.


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