Co-parenting, the highs and the lows

The best security blanket a child can have is parents who respect each other.

— Jane Blaustone

Yesterday I had all kinds of anxiety, mainly well because it was the first day of school for my son, Anthony. It was his first day of Kindergarten (cue the tears). It was also my first day back at FIU (cringe, even though I secretly love school). Needless to say we are both in school now so it will be interesting trying to balance everything at once. I may fall apart in the process, ugh!

Also because well co-parenting! Co-parenting is hard. Imagine how difficult parenting is with two parents who ARE together, now throw co-parenting into the mix and you have a confusing mess. No one wants to share their tiny human with another person! I don’t normally talk about this because the truth is it’s “uncomfortable” and messy. I will say I have learned many things while co-parenting: 1. Sometimes people don’t work out but they can still manage to raise perfectly amazing human beings, together while being apart. 2. It is all about the love 3. Leave the grown up stuff to the “grown-ups”.

I must admit this new schedule is driving me insane. I am trying to find a balance without my OCD going into overdrive; anxiety is getting the best of me lately. I am constantly battling it; ultimately it’s a work in progress. It is difficult to balance life with someone you don’t live with but have a child with. 

As a parent you hope that you are ALWAYS doing right by your child and that worry never really goes away! I have faith that everything will always work out and that Anthony is happy. Still, I must admit it isn’t easy. It isn’t easy to juggle two schedules. It isn’t easy when your son doesn’t want to go with you because he’s having fun with dad and visa versa. Somehow at the end of the day it all works out. I am grateful that I am able to drop off my son every morning and that his father is able to pick him up every afternoon. I am thankful that Anthony has TWO loving parents who would go above and beyond for him at any moments notice. 

To all of those parents out there co-parenting, I tell you this: it is tough, but you are tougher. Kudos to you for giving your children your very best, every single day! 

Parents currently co-parenting, what do you do that works? How do you deal with missing your child? Schedule conflicts? Etc.. Leave me some comments below.


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